Or should i say marks?


Iligan Bloggers Society has been busy behind the scenes coming up with the decisions to mark the organization with a logo. A Craft IBS logo contest was held by the organization with a winning entry by Jeffrey Wong awarded by the IBS President, Xyza Yape.



Today, IBS has made a mark for themselves by inviting it’s members to place badges on their blogs. This will identify an IBS member blog and will be linked back to the sites. IBS is a newbie organization of bloogers from/in Iligan City. With minor revisions to the winning piece by the winning graphic artist J.Wong, and the artistic work of Jerick Almeda in turning the logo into a badge form. The IBS logos goes like these:










If you are an Iliganon blogger, or a blogger currently residing in Iligan City, you can choose from the photos above and use it as a badge on your blog site/s. Choose from which color will look good and fit your blog site/s theme/s. The IBS Official site (here) will launch a badge exchange page for those who might find it difficult to put up a badge.



Iligan Bloggers Society is continually making it’s way through the bloggers world

and letting itself known that it is here for the long run.




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