What is IBS?

IBS or Iligan Bloggers Society is a group of bloggers or microbloggers from Iligan City. The society organizes projects for fellow bloggers to develop their skills and crafts, helps community stakeholder to build online presence, and constantly puts relevant news about Iligan City online.

 Do I need to have a blog to join IBS, Inc.? 

Yes, any blog niche or microblogs (social media platforms), as long as it fits the qualifications specified HERE.

 Will I earn if I join IBS, Inc.?

 No. This is not an online outsource marketplace, and we cannot provide you with jobs. What we can do is help each other develop social media and site management skills to maximize our blogs’ potential. As a community, we also share tips and tricks of the trade to give the online profile a boost, which helps when applying for jobs and/or partnerships.

 Do all IBS, Inc. members earn through their blogs?

 Some – but not all – members have monetized their blogs. You can ask those who did on how they did it and/or join events on entrepreneurial blogging when there is one.

 What are the benefits of being an IBS, Inc. member? 

 IBS, Inc. members may:

  •  Be allowed to cover media-invited events by brand partners and sponsors.
  • Establish networks through blogging events and meet-ups with other blogging/bloggers organizations.
  • Develop their blogs with shared tips and tricks of the trade.
  • Join IBS, Inc. projects or events. These can either be for free, discounted rate, or prioritized registration.
  • Have referrals with regards to skills when required in job applications, etc.
  • Camaraderie — love and friendship!

Is there a registration and membership fee?

 Yes. There is a one-time registration fee, and an annual membership fee to cover the administrative costs of the organization, and exclusive IBS members events

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