From the name of the event you definitely would know who were expected to be there. And yes, the bloggers. Blogging is not something new, it has been existing for many years now, but community of bloggers where born just recently.

Blog camp aims to empower, enlighten, encourage bloggers to mingle and share their talents and knowledge about blogging. Everyone started as amateurs but no one would want to be amateur forever. Like me I aim to attend seminars, conferences and trainings for blogging to be a professional blogger. Yes I wanted to be one.

So here are the topics and list of Contributors of the event.


PAUL GOTIONG – talks about Photography 101. And one thing that I can’t forget about him was this phrase  “ALWAYS REMEMBER PAUL“. We’ll for personal reasons I don’t want to remember that name at all (hahaha affected much?) but because I love photography, we’ll I’m forced to do so. (hehehe peace! okay fine, it’s a differnt person… MAGMOVE ON NATA!!!! wew). Though the lecture was a bit technical I like the idea that he shared tips on how to manipulate the camera settings. Yes the tips was so amazing, and I’m excited to try it in my own DSLR soon… (naks.. soon daw oh! weeee hapit na July! wehehe)




ESTAN CABIGAS – hmmm my idol in photography and travel blogging. I have been following his blogs specifically, befriended him in Facebook and followed him in twitter. I was so excited to attend the Cebu Blog Camp because his there. Estan talked about Travel Blog. The Human Basic Needs with SEX and TRAVEL on the list? haha I couldn’t help but to super duper agree ^_______^. I’ll definitely apply the 8 things we don’t go without in my next trip. My biggest challenge is to take a different route that the usual places that other bloggers have been to.  Indeed Travel is a Journey to Oneself. I’ll be travelling a lot alone soon. I was eyeing for a picture with him. But I wasn’t able to. I was just too shy to introduce myself. Hmmm I should have been more agressive for the picture. hahahaha peace! baka akala stalker na! wew.. hindi po.. hehehe. And I’ll definitely explore Batanes soon. 🙂


AILEEN APOLO-DE JESUSGoogle Country Consultant for Philippine shared what’s new with Google. I was interested more in contributing to Google Maps. Will try to add Google Mapping activity for Iligan Bloggers Society soon. As of now the Society is concentrating on an activity this October. Of course as a blogger we wanted to increase monetization of our blogs. The Additional Revenue Opportunities discussed by Aileen of course interests everyone.







JANET TORALanother blogger and event coordinator that I follow religiously, she talked about Bloggers Etiquette 101. I guess every blogger knows Janet. Yup the superwoman of the blog world. I heard a lot about her and was amazed with their stories. I was excited to meet her. And boy! She’s the man! hehehe I never thought I would be able to talk with her, sit and eat with her, and spend time with her. Hehehe oa ra? pero true!!! She’s  a pro and I’m an amateur I never thought she was that approachable. She’s human and she’s real. Thank you for all the advise. Hoping to see you again soon.




CHEF ANTHONY GOMEZ – of Head Chef of Marco Polo and Chef in Ativo Italian Resto talked about Food and Restaurant Review 101.  Though I’m a Chef, I’m not sure whenever I blog about food or do a food review if I should be honest and true about how the food or drinks taste like. But I was happy that Chef Anton justified I was doing the right thing. Just like what Chef Anton said, Food is honest. It reflects the Chef who made it. An an honest review about how the food tastes like whether it’s good or it sucks, it tells the truth. Well, I just hope all Chef will take it positively though, instead of banning bloggers from dining to their resto/cafe. Because food tickles your emotion, your passion and perfection! wew bravo! I learned a lot and i listened attentively because it’s the topic that I usually bank on most specially now that we’re trying to promote Iligan City.




COY CABALLES Blogger and Globe Telecoms Social Media Manager. And I never thought he was that young! hmmm well a year younger than me. wew I salute you! We’ll surely apply the do’s and don’ts. I can definitely use this for my blog and for my clients blog. It’s no secret that I do virtual services and yes I’m a virtual assistant (for inquiries please click on contact me. Thank you! ) The points and tips given were so helpful. Coy went out with us the day after the event and this man is cool.






RUBEN B. LICERA JRCertified Internet Marketing Expert talked about SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SUCCESS THROUGH FACEBOOK. We all know everyone is hooked with Facebook. Onlineshoppes are popping (well I’m guilty! hehehe) and business are really using it in Marketing. Thank you for sharing the secrets! 🙂

Kudos Team for bringing everyone in Blog Camp. I learned a lot, promise..

Looking forward to Cebu Blog Camp 2012! 😀




CEBU BLOG CAMP 2012 is on May 26, 2012…. – Mark your Calendars and block the dates!

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