In less than 30 days to go before 13th of May 2013, Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc.contributed to Goggle Mapping the Iligan City Precinct for the Philippine Elections 2013. Unfortunately, of the 10 slots available only 6 of the Iligan Bloggers could make it that Saturday morning for the mapping party.

#MapYourPrecinct #IliganCity #PhElections2013

Google Maps have provided a 2013 Philippine Election – Find Your Precinct with the goal to provide every Filipino to find the location of their precinct. And for 2013, updates to add new, and those not yet mapped precincts was needed.

#MapYourPrecinct #IliganCity #PhElections2013   #MapYourPrecinct #IliganCity #PhElections2013

These locations are mapped, and contributed by volunteers from respective areas, or regions. Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc, after previous Google mapping parties to update the Google map of Iligan City, contributed to mapping the locations of the precincts ready for the 2013 Philippine Election come May 13, 2013. Other cities, and/areas are mapped by their respective blogging society.

#MapYourPrecinct #IliganCity #PhElections2013

#MapYourPrecinct #IliganCity #PhElections2013 mappers who could make it that day included Michael Lagcao, Audrey Mirasol, Lisa Marie Mirasol, Lovette Jam Jacosalem, and Jerick Almeda who were on site mapping in Iligan City, while Xy-Za Yape mapped, and contributed from out of town. The mapping was done last April 27, 2013 at Jacko’s Kan-Anan, and participated by Iligan Bloggers members. A shout out to Google PH for the short, and helpful tutorial on how to map precinct, and the cool Google Ph shirts, and freebies; Jacko’s Kan-Anan for the mapping venue, Purple Slipperz for the snacks provided, and for Iligan City COMELEC for providing a copy of Precinct list to double check with the online data.


2] Enter your Region/City. e.g Iligan City

3] Enter you Precinct Number. e.g. 001A
4] Click Find Voting Center
5] Use zoom in or out to locate pin on the map.

Please check out IBS Google Page for more images taken during the  #MapYourPrecinct #IliganCity #PhElections2013 event! We encourage everyone to practice their right to vote, and use it wisely.

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