In celebration of the Iligan Bloggers Month, the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. (IBS) conducted a Photography 101 Seminar last May 11, 2012 with Mr. Bobby Timonera as resource person.

Photography 101 was Basic Photography.   The seminar was only about four hours.  Bobby first showed the participants some pictures he has taken.  Then he talked about the 3 basic camera controls :  Focusing, Aperture and Shutter Speed.  He also discussed on ISO, exposure, flash, histogram, and types of lenses.  What they all are for and how to use them.  With each topic, the participants have a little hands-on photo shooting to see for themselves what he was talking about.   His last topic was on composition, the Rule of  Thirds, and how to take good pictures.

Below are some of the behind the scenes pictures.


Some advice the participants learned during the seminar are as follows :

  1. When shooting at slow speeds, always use a tripod or other means of stable support to avoid blurry pictures.
  2. Do not use full manual mode in all your shooting activities for you will miss the subject or the moments you need to capture.
  3. The key element in photography is good composition.
  4. To make ordinary subjects into extraordinary photos, explore other angles.
  5. Learn the rules but don’t be afraid to break them when the situation calls for it.
  6. To get good pictures, move in close to the subject, except for wildlife.
  7. Capture “decisive moments”.
  8. Capture emotion.
  9. Take lots and lots of pictures.  One of them is bound to be a perfect one.
  10. “A technically perfect picture with a fuzzy visual concept won’t cut it.” – Adam Ansel
  11. A picture that tells a good story, even if technically flawed, is always better than a technically perfect but boring picture.
  12. Shoot the event’s highlights but shoot the sidelights too and don’t forget to look for interesting details.
  13. Experiment. Experiment.  There is no added cost in digital photography, just extra effort needed.
  14. Read photo books.  Both instructional and story books.

The Iligan Bloggers  Society, Inc. would like to thank Mr. Bobby Timonera for taking his time off his busy schedule to share his talent to the participants.   IBS also would like to thank the Diocese of Iligan for accommodating us in their conference room in such short  notice.   Without their support, Photography 101 would not have been a success.





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