The Iligan Bloggers Society had a great opportunity meeting the freelance Travel Guide Writer of Lonely Planet, Michael Grosberg last June 25, 2011.

To give you a little background about Lonely Planet, Lonely Planet is the leading travel bible or  travel guide not only in  US but in the world. Many travelers all over the world know and own and carry with them Lonely Planet Books every time they travel to different Places. It’s a do-it-your own travel guide to places around the world. It gives you information like how to get there? What to do there? And where to go to?. They even include suggestions for those travelling in a Budget.

Alright, moving forward, we met Michael by chance, it was unplanned. It was just that IBS has  scheduled a strategic planning in one of the members haven (Binky) when her husband (Pat, who works with Iligan Tourism) called to prepare a shirt for him and Michael because they were soaking wet after a trek at Tinago Falls. Ma’m Binky told us that Michael Grosberg a travel guide writer is in Iligan and is currently being assisted by Sir Pat. Honestly, there wasn’t a big impact for me at first , I find familiar but I’m not knowledgeable about it, Not until I searched it online and was quiet shocked and overwhelmed with what I discovered.

So when Mr. Grosberg arrived we were starstrucked (as usual) and felt so honored or should I say privileged to meet him in person and even shook hands with him. As usual Richard broke the silence and asked questions to Mr. Grosberg.

Why is he here?

He’s here to visit and know more about Iligan City. He’s currently assigned in the Philippines to cover Mindanao and Palawan. He’s staying in Cagayan de Oro and visited Iligan City just for a day.

How he got connected with Lonely Planet?

He was a journalist in New York and after he went freelancing, he was invited in LonelyPlanet and the rest was history.

What he’s basically doing for Lonely Planet?

He travels the world and test each destination by exploring it themselves and write about it. He visits must see destinations from all over the world other than the most documented destinations in the world. They got to travel just like any locals giving them the feel on how is it like and what to expect for their readers when they visit the place. They ride buses just like any traveler, visit or should I say haunt the expensive and the cheapest place to stay in, suggest foods or delicacies that travelers must try.

Lonely Planet is a leading travel guide in a book and almost every foreign travelers carry this bible wherever they go to reach destinations most specially those less travelled. Their opinions, suggestions and comments is a big influence to travelers to trust the place and stay safe while travelling. Having said that it is a great honor for me and the Iligan Bloggers Society to meet and chat with him for a while.

He visited 3 Hotels/Logding Houses in Iligan City, visited Ma. Cristina Falls, trekked Tinago Falls, checked the Macapagal Ancestral House, test the waters in Timoga Spring Pools and most of all met me and The Iligan Bloggers Society… sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

He has one of my dream jobs and that is to get paid to travel. And yes travel a lot. Hmmm I’m hoping to experience  that soon too but I know I am in the right place where I should be now. Having all this opportunities coming my way, I could not ask for more. But I know God has a lot of things in-store for me. Now that I have my Purple Slipperz blogsite up and running I’ll travel the world soon. Of course first stop? My Home, My City: My Iligan

– til next time Xyzaspeaks©




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