Iligan City will celebrate the 113th Philippine Independence Day

with a very early Civic Parade.

It has been an annual customary event in Iligan City to parade the different local government offices,

private institution, profit/nonprofit organizations, schools and other establishemts

bearing the Philippine flag and their official banners — and Iligan Bloggers Society will be joining.



Iligan City Civic Parade 2010

Philippine Independence Day


Assembly area is at Iligan City National Highschool at 6AM and the parade will snake along the city proper streets of Gen. Aguinaldo, and Quezon Avenue and will end at Rizal Park (Public Plaza). The local government officials and employees will be wearing  Filipino inspired outfits and the organizations, and other institutions will be wearing their uniforms or official shirts. The crowd will then gather at Rizal Park for fun-filled activities and program and all sorts.


Iligan Bloggers Society is inviting all Iliganon bloggers to join us.

Wear you black shirts and your happy grins as we take a part of Iligan City’s Civic Parade

and 113th Phil. Independence Day Celebration.



Happy Independence Day Pinoys!



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