About Us


An organization of bloggers and digital influencers who are committed to promote Iligan City. It also aims to develop its members to be value-driven and responsible in utilizing online media.


An organization of bloggers renowned for its contribution in the promotion of sustainable socio-economic development of Iligan City and its environs, committed to the pursuit of individual and community advancement through productive, responsible, and ethical digital media practices.


To build a blogging community with goal-oriented and conscientious members of diverse cultures who are committed to contribute to the region’s global image through productive, responsible, and ethical use of online media, relevant programs for continuous learning, and community involvement.


To organize a community of online media influencers on various platforms.

To provide a venue for professional development of the members through continuous learning programs and networking opportunities.

To promote tourism / businesses in Iligan City and its environs through provision of services in terms of marketing in the digital landscape.

To encourage members’ involvement in social advocacies, i.e., sustainable development, environment protection, peace, and good governance.

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