After waiting for few minutes trying to barge in to the conference room, suddenly Direct Dyogi came out of the room and we had a great opportunity to talk to him up close. sweeeeeeeeeet! Now I can say mission accomplish IBS: PBB coverage!

Surprisingly he went out of the room for a chat

We asked Direct what’s the character that he’s been looking for for PBB. He said there’s nothing in particular. They don’t have set of standards to follow who should and who should not enter PBB house. He said that as long as the person looks interesting then he/she may be chosen.

oops.. si kuya nasagi ang elbows hehe

We asked again, “Are you looking for face value?” He smiled and said NO. Nothing really he said. “Were not really looking for something in particular in either phase of the screening, there are just people who stand out in the crowd and where not even checking their stories yet. Wala lang… wala naman talaga “, Direct said.


ayan feeling close si ako. hehe

Si Makulit na Richard asked again, I know there’s something that you’re really looking for, If I’ll audition for PBB what is it that I must have? Direct Dyogi smiled and said it’s the secret of the trade. 🙂 And so Richard showed his famous stint of bringing his maleta in for audition and Direct laughed.

oops kurog. suri na oh…pasmado?

We asked him How does he find Iligan City? He said ” the Hotel?” with a meaningful smile and said “the people are great, very friendly and accommodating”. We then ask, how about the place? where you able to tour around? He said ” I would love to visit Maria Cristina Falls, what can we do there?” and we honestly said “nothing really, just site seeing, you can’t swim there but there’s NPC Nature’s Park where you can do some zipline Adventures passing across Maria Cristina Falls”. ‘Oh, Diba dyan nagshoot sina KC and Sam?” Direct said, “that’s Tinago Falls po! ibang Falls po un, mayaman po kami sa Falls dito, hehehe” , ” sa Tinago Falls po pwede po kayong magswimming d’on at marami pang ibang falls, maglilibot po ba kayo after? Direct Dyogi said ” Hindi na, gusto ko sana pero trabaho lang talaga pinunta namin dito, pagbalik ko nalang ‘yung bakasyon talaga.” We said ” talaga po? that’s great!”

Kuhlitan with Chard

After few more minutes we asked him about the different stages that the contestants will go through, he was patient enough to answer our kuhlit questions. Direct couldn’t see what’s happening outside so he’s been piping at the windows and decide to go down to check out how’s the people waiting for 2nd screening. We went down with Direct and he told us to rest for a while and have dinner before they start second screening.

His pat in our back was so fulfilling and it’s a good job for us Iligan Bloggers Society.

“Thank you guys” said Direct Dyogi.

Thank you too Direct, don’t forget to ping us when your back in Iligan City! IBS is very much willing to tour you around.

-til next time – xyzaspeaks

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