Super typhoon Pablo ( Bopha )  threatens the Philippines, particulary, regions in Visayas, and Mindanao with  stronger winds, and rainfall than T.S. Sendong did last December 16-17, 2011, the Iligan City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (ICDRRMC), other government sectors, some non-government organizations, private citizens are getting people prepared by keeping them informed. Here’s watching over Iligan City, and helping fellow Iliganons by sharing useful, and updated information in whatever forms. Let us watch over Iligan City.

Watch Iligan City

Here’s the Identified Evacuation Centers (ECs) in Iligan City from the Iligan City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (ICDRRMC):

Flood Prone Barangays (High Risk to Flooding)
1. Hinaplanon: IBJT Tambo, San Lorenzo Parish Church
2. Santiago: MSU-IIT Gymnasium
3. Upper Hinaplanon: Madrasah Cabarro, BLISS
4. Mandulog: Barangay Gymnasium
5. San Roque: Pryce Gardens
6. Digkilaan (10 puroks): Our Lady of Fatima Parish
7. Bonbonon: Barangay Hall, Barangay MPC Stage
8. Rogongon: Barangay Hall, Barangay Gymnasium
9. Dulag: Barangay Hall/Gymnasium
10. Lanipao: Barangay Hall/Gymnasium
11. Kalilangan: Barangay Hall/Gymnasium
12. Sta. Filomena: Acmac Gymnasium
13. Luinab: Barangay Gymnasium 1 and 2
14. Panoroganan: Barangay Gymnasium/Hall
15. Bunawan: Barangay Gymnasium

Other Barangays
16. Mahayahay: Iligan City Central School (ICCS) Ground
17. Ubaldo Laya: Barangay Gymnasium
18. Tambacan: Barangay Gymnasium, Pryce Ground
19. Tubod: Laville Gymnasium, Corpus Christi Gym, Tubod Elem. School
20. Palao: DJAL Memorial School
21. Abuno: Abuno Elem. School, Barangay Hall
22. Pugaan: Barangay Gymnasium
23. Tipanoy: Barangay Hall
24. Poblacion: Barangay Hall, Wet Market, ICNHS Gym
25. Villaverde: Barangay Gymnasium
26. Bagong Silang: Barangay Hall, SMC High School
27. Tibanga: Barangay Hall
28. San Miguel: Barangay Hall, SMC High School
29. Sto. Rosario: Barangay Gymnasium
30. Del Carmen: Barangay Gymnasium
31. Saray: Barangay Gymnasium
32. Dalipuga: Barangay Hall/Gymnasium
33. Kabacsanan: Barangay Gymnasium
34. Acmac: Barangay Gymnasium

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