We face a variety of community issues, like environmental problems ,that affects the world we live in. As globalization continues, local problems becomes international issues too. With the kind of attention the environment and preserving it has been getting lately, we would think that we have traversed a long road in our fight to maximize our resources and preserve the beautiful diversity of our nature. From marine ecosystem preservation, mammal extinction, rainforest destruction, or polar ice caps loss are some of the very serious environmental issues, and we should start to look at them and treat them that way.

Like such, every community problem has causes, numerous effects, but most importantly, a solution!

Unilab Ideas Positive, a social marketing clinic, and competition-in-one are looking for brilliant youth and their desire to make a positive difference in their communities. College students from North Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are invited to join and to help transform their chosen communities with their social marketing ideas! Providing the medium for college students to share their innovative and sustainable ideas about health and wellness concerns in the community — because young minds can bring spark and feed the fire of which great ideas burn from.

To help the youth solidify and turn their ideas into concrete, Unilab Ideas Positive provides:

  • A 3-day boot camp to learn and understand social marketing, relevant practices and case studies.
  • A seed money to implement social marketing programs within 6 months.

15 chosen youth teams will be making a significant contribution to make a positive difference to the community of their choice. Receiving P100, 000 seed money for the implementation of their ideas, flown in to Manila, with free hotel accommodation, meals, and transportation, and to attend the 3-day boot camp to learn social marketing approaches from a pool of experts through workshops and case studies — this will, definitely, be the venue for the youth to work on the positive change our nation needs.

Celebrate teamwork by sharing and working on those awesome ideas and make the awesomeness in you contribute to a healthier Philippines!

Interested college students can join by teaming up and registering at www.unilabideaspositive.com.

 Deadline for submission of entries is on April 16, 2012

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